About Press Registration


What is it?

Press Registration is simply introducing your media outlet to our organization so we know your contact person and correspondent.  It also helps us to keep track of invitations and account for space.  The credential ID & verification process is more thorough and rapid during high security events as well. 


1. Complete the information sheet which you can download below and return it to the applicable address with copies of requested documents.

2. Respond to RSVP and secondary request for attendance at ticketed events 3 weeks prior to the opening event on 04.07.2019.

3. Acknowledge receipt of your Press Information Packet

4. We are anticipating the press coverage to be significant as we have many national, and international prominent figures attending and performing.  Therefore please note that you will be placed on a first come - first served basis within your media category and level.


1. Greater access to information and celebrity participants and guests

2. Avoid exclusion due to space limitations.

3. Receive preferred access to press areas.

Special Press Events

1. June 4, 2019: International Press Conference (Live Streamed on SCTV)

2. July 4, 2019: AICExpo Inaugural Ceremony & Opening Day - Press Conference with keynote speaker (Invitee: President Nana Akufo Addo) and other political officials and other local, nation and international VIP platform guests and presenters.

3. Welcome Luncheon for VIP guests & press: Guest speak  

Exclusive Press Invitations

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