Commercial Exhibits

Hand Picked Exhibitors

All of our AICExpo exhibitors are scouted and researched, then selected to participate.  We are searching for the most outstanding business investment prospects in the world to a part of our International Afro Funds in which our visitors can safely invest.  We are creating a range of funds; from conservative to more aggressive.  Don't know about investing?  No problem...  Take a masterclass on investing by one of our top investment coaches.  Then meet with of our qualified and knowledgable brokers a to purchase your Afro International Fund stock.

Sample and Shop the Best

Our thousands of visitors from around the world will have the opportunity to sample and demo the extraordinary products and services of our exhibitors, see fascinating presentations: Also, when applicable you can place commercial orders and/or shop retail on their registered online stores and ship your purchases directly to your home.  See product prototypes not seen anywhere else and be among the first to see the future of innovation.

Realtime Investing & Funding

AICExpo features a Black Wall Street district at the; a section for Black banks, brokerage firms, investment counselors and accountants, ready to assist visitors / potential investors with realtime information, selecting appropriate investments and initiating bank transactions and stock option purchases. 

AICExpo is working with top Private Equity firms to establish Afro funds which can include YOUR company.  Our expo visitors will have the opportunity to see the exhibits of companies in the portfolio and invest as you inspire them.  These firms will employ their expertise and vast experience to  maximize potential and guiding fund businesses into growth.

By a lottery process ten out of twenty startups and eight of thirty medium sized  exhibitors will participate in our Black Shark Tank Live show to pitch their expansion plans to our millionaire panel of investors! 

Info & Applications

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