Black Wall Street district


Realtime Financial Services

AICExpo 2019's Black Wall Street District is not only a living tribute to the remarkable historical accomplishments and memorial of the tragic massacre in this 1920's African American community.  It is also a multi-dimensional component and staple of the expo.  Keeping in line with the expo them "Investing in Afro International" we thought it would be a good idea to make realtime investing a foundational aspect of the event.  Many of our visitors are everyday working people from all walks of life who are trying to carve out a better future for themselves, their children and communities.  Others are savvy business investors.  We have also invited Private Equity firms actively pursuing Black business investments.  Investing must become a fundamental component of the emerging Afro community.  AICExpo 2019 is making it possible for nearly everyone to benefit from the exciting and unique opportunities exhibited by beginning the transaction process before leaving the expo.  Black owned banks are important to meet the economic and racial challenges of the Black community worldwide.  We are making it possible ti support and sustain them.


Banks Onsite


Satellite branches of participating Black Banks of the world will be erected complete with customer representatives (English/German/French) to open accounts and begin investment loan processes.

Historical Photo Tribute


Highly respected historians will present a pictorial tribute to the memory, historical accomplishments and tragedy endured by the African American pioneers of Black Wall Street. 

Investment Brokerages


Select Investment Brokers from various countries will present the impressive prospectives and financial projections of our international commercial exhibitors.  Visitors can make informed investments.

Accounting Firms


International accounting firms will be available to give expert accounting advice and offer assistance setting up business accounts for new investors.

Afro Shark Tank


The popular TV show Shark Tank (German: Die Höhle der Löwen) features contestants with business projects who pitch them to celebrity millionaires for investment.   We will conduct our own live version of the show.

Symposiums, Celebrity Speakers & Panels


Expo guests can register to attend financial seminars, workshops and panels on business and investment strategies, marketing, group economics etc. 

Black Wall Street Documentary

Check out this great video