About Us



Sonnenblumen Community Development Group e.V. (SCDG) is a non-profit NGO based in Germany.  Our vision is to create a better collective community by attending to the needs of our most vulnerable segments.  We believe helping them to reach their potential and creativity can help solve many of the challenges we face and make even greater contributions to the human family.  Visit the SCDG homepage for a closer look at what we're about. www.SCDGonline.org

AICExpo 2019


AICExpo 2019 is a project of Sonnenblumen Community Development Group e.V.  The organizing team is comprised of industry professionals with decades of trade fair experience.  Some have worked some of the largest trade fairs in the world.  We expect to facilitate as many as 80 business exhibitors, 20 cultural exhibits and welcome up to 25,000 guests throughout the the week event.  AICExpo is also organizing several offsite events like; afterparties, VIP events and Dance Club nights. 

AICExpo Objectives


- Present the most expansive range and comprehensive exhibition of Afro culture in the world.

- Create one of the most inclusive Afrocentric International events hosted in Europe.

- Provide a comprehensive offering of empowering and educational workshops, seminars and lectures by successful Black executives, artists, entrepreneurs and scholars/academics.

- Begin one of the most strategic Black business networking events in Europe

- Provide world class, transformative children's enrichment and  events.