AICExpo 2020 Theme: "Investing In Afro International"

July 2020

3 Dimensions of AICExpo 2020

Afro Culture Exhibition

Afro culture is diverse and spans the entire continent of Africa.  However it has also evolved in other parts of the world.  AICExpo celebrates a wide geographic range and time span of Afro people's histories, cultures and achievements.  Visit The Afro Village and experience each unique cultural exhibit.

Business Exhibition & Marketplace

Visitors will have a chance to see, demo and invest in the most creative businesses, products and services presented by Afro people and for the general public.  Realtime business will be facilitated by AICExpo's unique Black Wall Street district.

Cultural Events

Enjoy 6 world class concerts featuring International Black artists, , daily regional presentations, International dance events and so much more are available throughout the expo week.  Many events are included in the low entry fee.  Major events will be open to non registered visitors as well with day ticket.

AICExpo 2020 Partners



Frankfurt Germany (metro area)

We have selected the Frankfurt Germany metropolitan area (Offenbach) for many reasons.  It is financial centers of Germany and Europe .  Germany has become the financial powerhouse of Europe and remains one of the worlds strongest economies.  The Frankfurt metro area is relatively culturally diverse and many of the world's top trade fairs  find place in the area due to its convenient location, historically rich, yet modern atmosphere and excellent public transportation system.  With Frankfurt being located in the heart of Central Europe and conveniently accessible to one of the most efficient International Airports in the world, it is an excellent choice for AICExpo's international exhibitors and guests.

Facilitation Prospects

We are have secured the following venues to facilitate AICExpo 2020: Messe Offenbach, Capitol Theater, CinemaxX Theater and Stadthalle Offenbach.


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